asked: "How's it going in your world sweetie? Trace some photos and lie your ugly face off about it lately? Cry about some hate so people will pity you instead of noticing what a huge lying cunt you are?"


JFC go away.

It’s unbelievable how salty these anons are. I pity these anons, their lives must be so unfulfilled that they have to try and make others feel bad.

I just don’t get it. Euclase uploads process shots but apparently that’s still not good enough.

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More Sam. His hand is a microcosm of complicated lighting that I knew would be super difficult, so I got it out of the way so I can stop worrying about it.

The way you do your paintings is amazing, and hopefully these progress pictures shut everyone up, because you’re clearly not just tracing this.

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quick 10 min doodle of braixen with some new brushes,

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I hope you don’t mind me trying this too, I just really love Diana.

Original sketch is by Ironstylus


paintover of ironstylus-senpai’s sketch.. with lots of love!

These lords of war videos have been a huge inspiration for me, I’ve been using references of Kilrogg, I really want to learn how to draw orcs. And trolls.