You guys might recognize some of the thumbnails and a preview from a post awhile back… here’s the finished piece! :D

Done for the charity artbook Memorieal which recently gave us the go-ahead to upload the illustrations we did earlier this year. As a kid I had a flying/gliding bear species based off this stuffed animal (I named them “Pinky Bears” since I was an original precious snowflake). They were the mortal enemies of eagles, and they primarily ate fish — which they stored underground in burrows. Since that’s what bears do.

Is this one about to grab one or shake its fin? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

(via scoutrage)

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this was supposed to be Petrus from Dawngate. I started it months ago and quickly finished it today meh.

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The never ending dilemma of a gamer and artist who doesn’t really have a lot of spare time.





my problem.

I tend to prioritize games over drawing. SIGH.

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Sketches of my Charr guardian. Its only level 53 right now.

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Process gif because I’m super proud of my work.

Productive day. Bed time now.

"Times change…"

"I’ll do a speed paint of garrosh" 6 and a half hours later…

ilu garrosh bb. i hate painting piercings.