hi i'm becca and i live in the UK.
i like to draw and play games, often games come first which they shouldn't but what can you do.

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18th July 2014

I stopped playing WoW for like 7 months, so finally today I finished the Legendary Cloak Quests with Wrathion.

I am so HAPPY. And also annoyed at Wrathion »:C He has a lot of growing up to do.

Anyway, really happy like you wouldn’t believe ;w; It’s not hard to get, just take TIME. So happy right now -w- and I’m kicking ass with my dps now, even tho most of my gear is LFR… somehow I was out dpsing a flexi/warforged rogue? HUHUHU : )))

Your gear set looks great with the wings!

Ahh thankyou!!! Unfortunately that specific gear is from Outlands quests and I already completed a bunch of them before transmog was around, so I couldn’t get the proper gloves/belt/feet so I made do!!

A friend of mine actually told me to get this set, and i was like BLUE ON LAUDY??? cos she’s usually in red gear hahaha

I want to get Illidan’s blindfold to complete it :3

But Yeah!!! Super happy with the blue cloak and wing proc and the blue xmog! ;w; glad you like it too! <3 :D

I’m looking for decent transmogs for myself as a death knight, there’s the original set and the set I have on at the moment, which is old purple justice gear from LK. It’s all so bulky, poor little me can’t cope :(

I know what you mean, I have a belf DK female too and I have just xmogged her with the original DK gear for now. I’m half farming the Lofty set? And, I kind of like the plate set you could get from the Cata dungeons - end time etc.. it’s blue and dragony but very bulky. 

I hope they come out with some nice stuff next expansion haha Not sure though what the aesthetic will really be like with WoD XO 

Woohoo for WoW. I Just started playing my priest again! You need to give me your realid/btag bun. :D


Finally done with this! I love the new Team Nerd and Team Bara designs


pb and marceline, palette 14&15

i really love the originals. i’d love to draw the main characters, particularly klaus and elijah. i don’t really draw anymore. i got lazy and smudged a bunch of the painting so it didn’t look too fragmented. ehh.

i scribbled the hair too because hair sxu

cake boss

cake boss (via presidentjoey)

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire & Omega Ruby @ E3 2014

I’m actually pretty excited about this. BEAUTY CONTESTS?