I watched the newest xmen film and I liked the lighting in this scene.

Eric is one of my favourites in the films, even if he is a dick.

Things I still suck at:

Backgrounds, tried to emulate the metal box thing and it looks nothing like it.

Hair, I tend to avoid hair a lot so A few spikes under the helmet… ehh.. 

Eyes. Not too good at the whole defining bit yet.

Things I’m improving on:
Lips, atleast these lips. I think they look better than what I’ve painted previously.

Noses. My noses are constantly improving I feel. 

I feel like my understanding on lighting and color has improved slightly, though I still have such an extreme way to go. Skin looks very patchy, I’m unsure if I like it that way.

another orc

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Kristina Braverman from Parenthood.

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asked: "How's it going in your world sweetie? Trace some photos and lie your ugly face off about it lately? Cry about some hate so people will pity you instead of noticing what a huge lying cunt you are?"


JFC go away.

It’s unbelievable how salty these anons are. I pity these anons, their lives must be so unfulfilled that they have to try and make others feel bad.

I just don’t get it. Euclase uploads process shots but apparently that’s still not good enough.

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